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Cement Mixer – 3.0m Bowl

Mixer Specifications Details
Mixing Capacity: 3
Power Unit Hydraulic Standard: PTO
Hydraulic Gearbox: PK 24
Water Tank Aluminium Pressuerised (STD): 200 Litre
Drum Thickness: 4mm
Dish Thickness: 10mm
Chutes: 6mm Plastic
Trunnion Rollers: Steel-mini
Controls (STD): Stainless Cables
Hydraulic System: Rexroth A4V 71CC Pump or 37CC Motor
Chute Lock (STD): Lock & Pin
Mudguards: Plastic
Optional Extras:
  • Power Pack
  • Water Meter
  • 100mm Slump Gauge
  • Flip Over Hopper
  • Hydraulic Chute Ram with Built-in Safety Valve

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